Podcast Friends

When one of us wins, we all win! Win-win! Have another cupcake.

Disclaimer: Some of these people are actually my friends. Some of these people are…podcast colleagues, shall we say. Some of these people are fantabulous and I Kermit flappy-arms fangirl over them.

True crime:

Generation Why: Aaron and Justin

In Sight: Charlie and Ali

Once Upon a Crime: Esther

True Crime Garage: Nic and the Captain

True Crime All The Time and True Crime All The Time Unsolved: Mike and Mike (Ferguson and Gibbs)

Already Gone: Nina

American Crimecast: Samii


Faculty of Horror: Alex and Andrea


The Dollop: Dave and Gareth

Horror, History, and Mystery:

Lore: Aaron

In Sight Jr.: Ali’s niece Paris and Charlie’s son Xander