Australian Tour 2: Bunnies!

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Animal Planet video: Outback Rabbit Invasion

See, before there were cane toads, there was another introduction that went haywire. So when Raquel Dexter told the sugar moguls of the world that cane toads were just the thing at the big sugar conference, Australia should have politely thanked her, and gone home. Why? Because bunnies have been ravaging the outback for over 150 years now, that’s why.

Yes, bunnies. See, you know that expression fuck like bunnies? They do, they really, really do. You do the math.

Lottttttts of bunnies. European bunnies, that do not belong any more than Hawaiian cane toads.

Remember Arthur Philip and the founding of New South Wales? The First Fleet also brought rabbits, so that this new country could be more European and English. Holy fucking tea and crumpets!

That was 1787. There was a secondary release in 1859, and hoppity hop, the Easter Bunny wasn’t so damn cute any more:

Back in ’32, they were crawling up that hill out there just like ants. Honestly, if you had only seen it. (source: CultureVictoria)

Have a looky-loo now:

science news and photos, April, 2009

Wikipedia: Rabbits in Australia

Also, sweet band name: rabbit-proof fence. RABBIT-PROOF FENCE. Behold!

Rabbit-Proof Fence, 1926, Western Australia

So. Many. Bunnies.

rabbitsbunny watering holeAnd

you know where this is going

wait for it

waiiiiiit for it



The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, my Rubes.


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