Bae of Pigs

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First off, to the person who came up with the delightful historical pun #baeofpigs…I think I love you.


Now, then: 9 questions about David Cameron’s Pig Gate that you were embarrassed to ask
59: George Spencer
Our own oinkers:

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Moo. Oink. Squeeeeeeeeal.

Episode 59: George Spencer

And, finally, wisdom from our fearless leader:

That’s some fortune-cookie-level shit right there.  Sit with that and feel it in your soul.


Good night, Rubes. And may I suggest hand sanitizer? And thinking nice non-David Cameron thoughts? Mayhaps some hot cocoa.


#baeofpigs…I am going to wake up in the middle of the night giggling about that. Bravo.

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