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Welcome to the 20’s!

Y’all know that The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite novels (listen to episode 23: Look At This Tangle of Thorns, which is all about it and my other favorite banned books)…

…so now that we are in the 20’s again, I had to post this meme. Don’t throw parties to impress people who don’t care about you, and don’t drive recklessly. And please don’t trust people who seem to be everything to everybody, okay?

Movie versions

website entry for episode 23: Look At This Tangle of Thorns

smart link for listening to the episode

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Episode 31: Christmas Cupcakes

We took a lot of pictures at Christmas when I was young, for which I am so grateful. This is the dress I wore for my kindergarten school picture, so I am most likely five here—so 1977 is a best guess. From what I can tell, Dad is unwrapping something leathery, either new shoes or Isotoner gloves. The seventies and eighties were all about some Isotoner driving gloves. Squint and you can see our bright orange kitchen.

Books quoted:

Movies referenced:

Original Barbie Dream House: this image from this wonderful retrospective Good Housekeeping article is the one I am speaking of in this podcast episode. I also had the earlier one with the elevator, but that one was apparently easier to assemble, because putting it together did not require lying to a small child about Santa’s arrival. 😀

Silly Putty at

Original Star Wars figurines from A New Hope, made by Kenner

1970’s McDonald’s coupons commercial!

Above is the photo I referenced of me and Mom, which I received the Barbie carrying case and remember having to be all grown-up and responsible with my new tiny Barbie accessories—look how tiny I was! Our household was full of love and very special but also very stressful. But this picture is also striking for how Mom is looking at me, like I was her entire world.

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Instagram: December 15, 2019 at 03:08AM

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There Might Be Cupcakes Episode 56: Happy Socks and the Flame
In which I tell two stories about finding cupcakes in the darkest of times: one is one of my own, one is one of Leonard Cohen’s. URI: and in bio
#hope #advent #faith #sexualassault #suicideawareness #leonardcohen ♥️♥️♥️🧁🧁🧁
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Recording now. Here’s your hint.

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NaNoWriMo 2019: Completing Watching the Detectives

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series My Writing

Watching the Detectives is the novel I read from in episodes 14 and 28 (embedded below for your listening convenience). I am using this year’s NaNoWriMo to edit and complete it. On day 2, after adding current edits, it stands at 26,520 words. My first goal will be the standard National Novel Writing Month Goal of 50,000 words, and then we shall see. I will be, of course, reading more of it on the podcast as I go along, and I am looking forward to doing so.

You can keep up with my progress here, or at If you are participating as well, feel free to add me as a buddy.

On word counts and novel length

Word counts for famous books, organized

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Instagram: October 12, 2019 at 11:28PM

via Instagram Collage happy for episode 55: Finding Fear. Settle back for an all-ages Halloween scare and let me read you an old Turkish folk tale about the boy that didn’t understand fear…and decided to go out and seek it. URI:

#andrewlang #olivefairybook #rainbowfairybooks #history #turkishhistory #Turkey #horror #fairytales #folktales #Halloween #newepisode #october #books #amreading #bookstagram #bookpodcast #bookpodcaster #bookpodcasts #beyourownheroine #trypod #podcast #horrorpodcast #podcasts #theremightbecupcakes #podernfamily #ladypodsquad #readersofinstagram

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Instagram: October 11, 2019 at 10:17PM

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Episode with Mike’s interview: “Everything That Was Hidden Now Surfaces” Congratulations, Mike! If y’all haven’t read #Fantasticland yet, it’s the perfect Halloween read.

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Repost from @mikebockoven using @RepostRegramApp – Three years ago today, my first novel was released.

A quick story behind this photo – it was taken at the Omaha Barnes and Noble the day my book was released. I had a special trip planned for the day including seeing my book in a store and Godzilla movies at the Omaha Draft House with my buddy Chad. We get to the book store and FantasticLand isn’t on the shelves.

Not being a natural extrovert I didn’t want to go up to the staff, push my glasses up onto my nose and say “can you put my book out, please?” So Chad, being a good friend, went and asked for me. They brought it out, I got my photo and he captured the moment.

This is a long winded way of saying I’m not overly comfortable promoting myself. Part of it is imposter syndrome, part of it is my natural inclination to keep my head down. But that day, Chad did the hard work for me and in the three years since, many, many of you have joined in. Since the book has come out, it’s received over 2,300 ratings on Goodreads, sold over 15,000 copies, gotten a paperback run, been optioned for film rights and brought me into the orbit of some truly awesome people.
I can’t say “thank you” enough to every single person who has read the book, recommended it, rated it (even the bad ones, seriously), and reached out to tell me about it. I’ve even gotten fan fiction, fan art and wild speculation about the book on social media. I can honestly say my life, the last three years, has been some of the best of times because of all of you.
I’m still not really great at promotion, so I’ll say “thank you” again and get back to writing. Hopefully there’s more to come.

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Instagram: October 11, 2019 at 02:14PM

via Instagram Recording short episode now. Here’s your hint (fun collaging thanks to @adesignkit)
#halloween #october #fairytales #horror #andrewlang #fairytales #books #amreading #bookstagram #bookpodcast #bookpodcaster #bookpodcasts #beyourownheroine #trypod #podcast #horrorpodcast #podcasts #theremightbecupcakes #horror #podernfamily #ladypodsquad #readersofinstagram

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Book-related lists: Nightmare Movies and Belletrist Books

I’ve used Nightmare Movies as a reference for a couple of episodes, namely Boo Without Goo: Scary Movies for the Squeamish, Exquisite Mayhem, and Elegant Nastiness. I have also used it as a reference for, well, life. I am a screamqueen, after all. (My first Apple ID, way back when it started, was Still forwards to me, too. Try it. 😉 ) So some very kind and intrepid movie fan and Letterboxd user has created a list of every single movie Newman mentioned in the book. This is no small feat, for Nightmare Movies is a prose book of essays, not a horror movie encyclopedia. Enjoy, and, if you are a Letterbox user, use this handy feature: set the list to dim the movies you’ve seen. I am, feel free to follow me: claradox.

All the horror movies mentioned in Kim Newman’s seminal book Nightmare Movies in one big Letterboxd list

Belletrist Books is a monthly online reading club started by American Horror Story actress Emma Roberts and her friend Karah Preiss. I highly suggest signing up for their email list: lovely weekly literary quotes, indie bookstore recommendations, all kinds of splendid things. They also have a Spotify account, where they create playlists to complement the book choice of the month.

Belletrist Books’ Spotify playlists

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