Should we continue, Dear Reader?

Reaching out to the fans of As you may or may not know, due to Dave’s wishes some time ago, it is no longer the official site for the podcast, and has not been for some time. (That website is But this site does have the guys’ blessing to continue as is. The question is, do you want it to?

I stopped updating it due to multiple reasons, including my declining health (each entry takes several hours, due to all the research I put into it), and starting my own podcast, There Might Be Cupcakes (its website is, by the by). But there are many, many Facebook fans on this website’s Facebook page, and still many visitors to the website.

So, hit me up. I’m interested in keeping it going, because it is fun, but I want to make certain that it is worth the spoons (what was that?) by knowing you’ll visit, read, and occasionally click on and shop using my Amazon links. So whadda say? Let me know by commenting here, liking and/or commenting on the Facebook page, or interacting on Twitter…and we’ll put some starter fluid in this old clunker and take her around the block.