Moving website from WP to Substack

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Things might start looking strange around here for a little while. I am moving the site to Substack from hosted WP. Benefits: I don’t have to fuss with MySQL, plugins, the increasingly fussy writing interface of WP, and the cost of hosting. Plus, you can receive my posts and the podcast episodes via email, and I feel more empowered to write more often. And we can chat and interact in a troll-free Twitter environment. When I am done moving, the domain will seamlessly point to For now, go ahead and subscribe at Here’s my about page.

There are so many talented writers on Substack, and many that I have touted on the podcast. I follow Margaret Atwood, Joyce Carol Oates, Courtney Summers, Ellen Hopkins, Nicki Weisensee Egan (disclosure: my friend), and Robert Ford, who is currently writing horror with me.

So if anything is missing, it’s already ensconced at Substack. And Substack can be read via email, on the web, or in the app. Chat and Notes (which is the like-Twitter-but-nicer feature) are only on the web and in the app. I have it setup so any subscriber can start a chat, so come on in.
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