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Upcoming House of Leaves series

I had misplaced my copy of Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves. I recently found it…and it’s fat with torn-up legal pad papers, marking pages. Which got me thinking…

So. Intermingled with other episodes on other topics, for the rest of this year I am going to do a deep-dive on this book and its accompanying album, Haunted, by Mark’s sister, Poe. There will be geeky horror analysis and reaction podcasting. I’ll podcast as I go, and do psychology/horror/history/parapsychology/physics geek-dives 😉 like I did with Stephen King‘s Eclipse series (Episode 19; website entry). I’ll schedule out my reading and the episodes so that this doesn’t become the House of Leaves show, so that there are plenty of other topics in-between. I’ll hopefully have some horror author friends on as well to discuss this book/phenomenon.

I hope this sounds fun to you! I’m pretty jazzed to re-enter the Navidson house.

House of Leaves:

Companion book: The Whalestoe Letters:

Episode 1: Bone-Chimes and Primitive Spiders (68):

Listen to “Bone-Chimes and Primitive Spiders: House of Leaves: 68” on Spreaker.

Instagram: June 19, 2020 at 02:32PM

via Instagram My @erincondren planner cover is birch trees, to remind me every day to work on my novel. Beatrice Burchett (birch), the main character of my novel, Watching the Detectives, is coming to life, and will be part of a bestselling novel. I was challenged to do this by @thewritepractice. #thewritepractice. You can listen to excerpts on my podcast, @theremightbecupcakes.

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