Celebrating episode 200, I give you a 100 flashback!

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Thanks to the like-minded folks at Boing Boing:

Remember Operation Jade Helm, and the mobile morgues (ice cream trucks) and bunkers (Wal-Marts being renovated) and all the paranoia (Alex Jones’ radio show) and conspiracy theory fantasia (Texas) of episode 100?

Well, today episode 200 is being recorded live, so I thought you would enjoy a refresher for 100. Fix a cool adult beverage, put your feet on your desk, and enjoy this montage of Alex Jones’ screaming, shrieking, and wailing “NEVER!

If anyone remixes this with some cool dubsmash, please share. Just think: aneurysm dubsmash. New subgenre.


original video by @immolations on Twitter

Episode 100, The Dollop: Operation Jade Helm (never)

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