Continuing the 100th celebration

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with a trip down memory lane into the psychotic forest, the forest I was growing before you even knew me. Don’t be afraid, I’m here.

  1. The Lobotomist (okay, be afraid)

  2. The Rube (the wonderful, the mighty, the goofy, the pitcher with a firetruck in his soul, our beloved Rube)

  3. Colonial Teeth

  4. Carry A Nation (her stripper name was Tiny Hatchet)

  5. Ten Cent Beer Night (Nope)

  6. The Two Daredevils (More nope, but with ramps!)

  7. Rainbow Man (Crazy 3:16)

  8. The Chameleon

  9. Ferguson

  10. David Hahn

Perfect photo thanks to author Jonathan Carroll via Facebook. Moo.

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