Documentary Review: The Imposter

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The Imposter (2012)–Amazon Instant Video

Episode 18: The Chameleon

Fascinating to see and hear from Nicholas Barclay’s family, namely his sister and mother; his brother had died by the time of filming. Also interviewed were the awesomely-named PI Charlie Parker, who is still working the case–and is available for tips at @charliepi–and the FBI agent who coordinated between Interpol and The Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

It has typical artistic documentary touches; in other words, if you don’t normally watch documentaries, or think the IFC is pretentious, The Imposter will irritate you.

I was disappointed that the mother was not confronted directly about the odd blood donation scene–okay, the blood donation tantrum. I would have loved to have seen her attempt to explain that episode. Also, the familial drug use, in my opinion, was soft-pedaled a little.

I am a huge fan of documentaries, so I deeply enjoyed it.

Larry’s take on the case: The mother and son colluded somehow; one or both is responsible, and they both know where he is. I agree, but also look at it with the eye of a former mental health professional. I think Child Protective Services was looming on the horizon, and with a volatile home, which includes intense drug use and little supervision, mother and brother could not risk a CPS investigation. CPS might mean their pipeline to drugs might be lost. We also both agree that the sister was innocent in all this.

I saw interesting evidence of Bourdin’s inadequate personality click for me after listening to the episode and then watching the documentary:

He injured his face after staring obsessively at himself in his mirror; and

He stopped trying to be other people’s kids when he got a cat. He had an identity then; he belonged to that cat, he was that cat’s owner.

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