Dollopween 17: Haunted Library

And I have photos, and a webcam link for you!

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I know, I know, get to the evidence.

Okay: It is the Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana, built in 1877. Both the staff and patrons have experiencing paranormal activity for years; the library was featured on Ghost Hunters, and the library itself maintains an online camera, so that web surfers are able to catch what staff might miss. Like these two gems:

Willard Library

Okay, a gathering of kids in the reading room, captured on security cam. Yeah, yeah. But why is that small little boy (bottom right of image) interacting with no one, all grey rather than in color like everyone else, and blending into the carpet? (saved by from





And the more frightening of the two, saved from by

Willard Library

It is crawling on the floor. It is crawling on the floor. CRAWLING. FLOOR.

Crawling is where I draw the line.

The most famous ghost of the library is the Grey Lady, who appears to be the ghost of a librarian; she seems to want to be a helper.

Main library webpage, Facebook page

What you are really looking for, Rubes: the ghost web cams at If you see anything, tell me, please.

If you live in the area, there is a upcoming Grey Lady Ghost Tour on the evening of October 22.



And you know what the cherry on top is? The Victorian Gothic architecture of the library building, designed by James W. Reid in the 19th century. Built to be haunted. Look at this bad boy.


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