Dollopween 18: Man v Government, Frightening Either Way

Either way you slice it, it really is horrifying. You either have the looming, faceless, omnipotent Government, coming into your house and torturing your wife in order to find your child, or doing experiments on you without your knowledge or consent

or you have the crazy standoff, where a man or group is willing to die or kill anyone or anything because he doesn’t recognize the government as a power, or believes a conspiracy theory, or is mentally ill…

I live in a rural, mountainous area, so the second is more frightening to me, because it’s more real to me. There’s a proposed pipeline, and, well, I’m a bit concerned about lockdowns and standoffs, I won’t lie. Appalachian people take family land v. governmental inference extremely seriously. It could get really scary.

I also find the second more frightening from the point of view as a former babysitter. Think about what babysitting actually is: meeting strangers very briefly, and then staying alone in their unknown house with their children, at night, for hours. There’s a very good reason that The Babysitter is a horror movie trope. Nothing harmful ever happened to me, and I babysat for years.

But I was scared many times. Dark, unfamiliar windows with no curtains or blinds. Empty rooms with unknown echoes. There was always a chance that the door off the kitchen led to the Nazi memorabilia room, or the rape kit display room, or to the crazy uncle’s bedroom, and he is home right now and the parents didn’t bother to tell you…

And don’t get me started on the basements. Unfamiliar, dark basements filled with God-knows-what.

Recommended entertainment:

Firestarter * Stephen King (also the movie–does very well especially with the college student drug experimentation scene and the scenes at The Company, King’s horrific conception of the government’s control and spy arm, a la the CIA)

The Dead Zone * Stephen King (again, the movie is a splendid interpretation of the novel, God bless David Cronenberg.)

Run * Blake Crouch

dystopian horror suggestion: the Legend trilogy by Marie Lu: Legend, Prodigy, and Champion. Truly horrifying.

and 1984. If you haven’t read 1984 because it’s one of those books they make you read in school blah blah blah, do yourself a favor, push past that, and read it.

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These two books, I think, sum up the horror from both sides of this Dollopween:

Unabomber: How the FBI Broke Its Own Rules to Capture the Terrorist Ted Kaczynski * Terry D. Turchie, Jim Freeman, and Donald Max Noel

The Unabomber Manifesto and Other Essays by Theodore Kaczynski

Is somebody watching you…or are you doing the spying?

I can actually see what you are doing right now, through your web cam.

Sweet dreams.

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