Dollopween 19: Stalking and Obsession Part 2

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Too much tortured, creepy thoughts for just one Dollopween post, amirite?

Lock your doors, here comes more erotomaniacs, people who want to BE YOU and assume your lifestyle, and people who obsess over revenge. It ain’t cute.

 Obsession with love object:

I think of these movies as the prequel trilogy to Fatal Attraction. They are all excellent in their own right, and all oddly underrated:

  • The Crush: additionally horrifying because the predator is underage. You don’t play her game, she screams that you are after her, you are then a sex offender. There goes your life; plus, she wins, because she is now tied to you for life as your “victim”.
  • Swimfan: From high school to college.
  • Malicious: Trying to transition from undergrad to what’s next. I love this one–Molly Ringwald is the predator, and she does a marvelous job. No joke, I am now slightly afraid of her.

Dollop episodes: Eric Red (a certain type of gore), Henry Heimlich (himself, let’s be honest)

And then there’s our special guest…

  • Equus. For all you Rubes who have made zoophilia the highest ranking search term here at (#winning?), this is an artistic take on zoophilia taken to obsession and beyond. Plus, this movie contains the most petrifying depiction of Jesus I have ever seen. Ever. It looked into my soul through the TV.

Dollop episodes: The Dolphin, George Spencer

 Wanting to become someone else:

  • Single White Female: the classic.
  • Face of Evil: a TV movie that is available on DVD. Tracey Gold is horrifying. This movie rises way above other TV-movie fare. It views as any other horror movie shown in theaters. (Ignore the slightly overwrought title, please.)
  • The Roommate: We girls always glom off each other, it’s part of girl code. You wear my favorite nail polish color, I start going to your awesome hair stylist. But there are limits and boundaries. Two words for what really scared me about this movie: tattoo and earrings. Great googily moogily.
  • New Best Friend: I regularly rewatch this one, because it has details that you miss upon first viewing, including who the actual dangerous person is. Watch once for the story, watch again carefully for the oogie details.


 Obsessed with revenge and/or manipulation

Gossip: One of my favorite movies, scary because it could and does happen, dark and clever and sexy and horrifying. (and Norman Reedus. NORMAN REEDUS.)

novel: Obsession * Ramsey Campbell

The letters said, “Whatever you most need, I do. The price is something that you do not value and which you may regain.” To four teenagers, it seemed an offer too good to pass up. They filled out the enclosed forms. Indeed, they soon got what they needed most, but in shocking ways they never imagined.

short story collection: Dark Love (includes Ramsey Campbell and Stephen King)

Dollop episodes: The Actor Rivalry, The Spite Fence, Anthony Comstock, The 3 Jesuses, Competitive Endurance Tickling, Hugh Glass



And the final three, who scream obsession but fit into their own, unique categories because what the actual fuck:


Dollopween: Stalking and Obsession, Part 1


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