Dollopween 20: Grave but not grave

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This gravestone is The Dollop. Right here, right now, in Nevada.

pasteDescription from

This gravestone marker is from the Goldfield Pioneer Cemetery in Goldfield, Nevada. It marks the grave of the “Unknown Library Paste Man” who was a starving vagrant who dug up a tub of library paste out of the trash and consumed enough to be a lethal dose. In addition to the flour and water, the paste contained small amounts of alum, which is poisonous when consumed in large doses.

This gentleman is also, clearly, a Rube:

Meter reader, meter flaunter, or punster?
“On vacation–hold mail”.


I think mine should be book-related, like “The Butler Did It”. Taking suggestions. No worry, we have about fifty years to figure out the best choice. We’ll workshop it.

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