Dollopween 29: Phobias

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The genre of horror–and the holiday of Halloween–allow us to safely explore our fears. We construct a fence between the unknown, and ourselves and our loved ones. Horror and Halloween allow us to approach that fence, peek over it or through it, maybe throw things at it. Then we go safely home at night, far away from our dark security fence to our safe, warmly-lit home.

Horror and Halloween allow us to explore true fear, which is that sudden jolt at 3 a.m. when you think that maybe there is a weakness in the fence or one of the gates might be unlatched. Or maybe you heard one of those eerie noises that only comes from the wrong side of the fence.

Do you go out on the dark and check, or do you hide under your blankets and wait for the safety of dawn?

Welcome to the rehearsal for that choice, Dollop-style.


coulrophobia: fear of clowns

aquaphobia: fear of water

arachnophobia: fear of spiders

odontophobia: fear of dentists/dentistry

taphophobia: fear of being buried alive

thalassophobia: fear of the sea

claustrophobia: fear of enclosure

chionophobia: fear of snow

agoraphobia: fear of being too far from a safe place

athazagoraphobia: being forgotten or ignored

atomosophobia: fear of atomic explosions

aviophobia: fear of flying

bibliophobia: fear of books/learning

I am afraid of people who have this fear.

bufonophobia: fear of toads

leporiphobia: fear of rabbits

cacophobia: fear of ugliness

ageteophobia: fear of insanity

Welcome to the Dollop

agrizoophobia: fear of wild animals

aichmophobia: fear of needles/pointed objects

alektorophobia: fear of chickens

Episode 73: Mike the Chicken

astrophobia: fear of stars/celestial space

Episode 60: Comet Panic


Now, you know I would never leave you alone in the dark, without arming you with a book. Books are weapons against fear. I have a very special instructional manual to help you wind your way through the darkness to check the security of your fence, and to make it back safely to your warm bed and the light.



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