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I may earn money from the participating companies linked in this post: Bookshop.org (supporting my nearby independent bookstore Bluebird & Co, in Crozet, VA) and/or Audible. My podcast is sponsored by Audible and Care/Of.

The Dollop Dot Net is a strange place, much like Wonderland. Sometimes, you need a map. (Landscapes change, no promises made about that, we’re all mad here.)

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my about me page

Podcast creators’ pages onsite: Dave Anthony, Gareth Reynolds

my Patreon: please help me with growing website costs. Here’s the edited version of the description from the Patreon site:

Hosting: February 28, 2016, thedollop.net was moved by my host to a VPS server. Good news: I have more wiggle room, I don’t have to worry about heavy traffic affecting server neighbors, and you should definitely see a faster delivery of pages, images, and media files. Bad news: I have a grace period of 30 days, then my hosting fees will jump from 11 dollars to 55 dollars per month.

Income: As I stated in my bio, I am chronically ill, and suffer from intractable pain. I cannot return to work, and my attorney and I are in the process of proving that to the Social Security Board. So my income is extremely limited. (I also have to wear spiffy braces on my fingers to type; pics upon request.) Writing for and working on thedollop.net is a positive outlet for me, and is a healthy tether with y’all in the outside world. Plus, it keeps my funny bone polished.

Future: I hope to branch out and, once my disability application is finally accepted and this Patreon is stable as well (you lovely Rubes), start my own storytelling podcast. I have researched it, and there’s nothing else quite like it. I have it outlined and ready to start, it just needs love and attention and better equipment. But, one thing at a time.

CarlaOkay, I want money for my writing. Yeah, yeah, so does everyone else. Point made. So here’s some of my favorite entries:

Episode 70: Anthony Comstock

Episode 53: The Battle of the Pants

Resources: American Crime Story (and a personal fable, boogeyman and all)

Episode 41: Samuel Whittemore

Episode 28: The Talk Board

Episode 143: The Broderick-Terry Duel

One hour later: edited to add Episode 149: John Wayne Thompson’s Armageddon, because I had a great deal of fun compiling that one. Also, ZZTop.

And edited again 3/13 to add an example of one of the more difficult, serious, and longer entries I had to write: Episode 86: Tom Dennison and the Omaha Riots (the Red Summer of 1919)

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