Episode 106: Dollop: The Fenian Raids

Let’s get your Irish on!



Freedom to Ireland, Currier & Ives I like to think that o-no-you-didn’t look on her face has to do with INVADING CANADA.


Proceedings of the Second National Congress of the Fenian Brotherhood, Held in Cincinnati, Ohio, January, 1865, Volume 2 * Fenian Brotherhood Congress

full published reports of the Fenian Brotherhood Congress

The Fenians: Irish Rebellion in the North Atlantic World, 1858-1876 * Patrick Steward, Bryan P. McGovern


John O’Neill’s Last Hurrah: Ancestry.com:

John O’Neill joined the Fenian Brotherhood organization towards the end of the American Civil War and led two successive, but not successful, Fenian invasions of Canada, in 1866 and 1870.

 It’s Freaky Friday meets Strange Brew. So tasty, so wonderful. Dee-lish-us.  


Fenian Raids: Invasions of British-Ruled Canada


Irish secret societies


Fenian Brotherhood Collection: The Catholic University of America

Fenian Brotherhood: Villanova University


Fenian Heroes and Martyrs * John Savage

Emigrants and Exiles: Ireland and the Irish Exodus to North America * Kerby A. Miller


Bands from this episode:

  • The Limericks
  • Fenian Senate
  • Savage Wing
  • Gorp Gorp Gorp
  • Dusty Potatoes


  1. Dermot Heaney

    oh god i was in a heap on the ground laughing at this. So educational and funny. You are both funny funny people…yer accents need work though! I wish history class at school was this funny. Thank you from Ireland telling our war on puppies !

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