Episode 110: Dollop: Burke and Wills

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Gareth: At least you got to shout.

Pictured: An animal that did not ask for this bullshit.


Subtitle to this episode: And Then The Camels Ran Off.


One lesson to be learned from this fiasco: Pack light. PACK LIGHT. There’s an unwritten rule in fashion, for getting super dressed-up. Just before you leave the house, look in the mirror one last time, and remove one accessory. Perhaps this less is more approach could be applied to long-distance travel. Especially exploratory travel. Especially exploratory travel by inexperienced individuals using animals forcibly introduced to foreign terrain…

Yeah, maybe you don’t need to bring a tea table and a trunk of books. I feel you on the books, I do, but–

bear with me, here, and bear with my vernacular, because I am both tired and gobsmacked at your behavior–

Ain’t you gonna be a little too busy to put your feet up and read?!

Ahem. Sorry. Just had to let that go. Sometimes, when I feel this gobsmacked, I get a little judgy. I own my issues, and I am working on it.


Nardoo: A Fern Which Changed Australian History
Starvation in a Land of Plenty: Wills’ Diary of the Fateful Burke and Wills Expedition * Michael Cathcart

Burke and Wills: Crossing the Continent * Raymond Boyd Dunn


Burke and Wills Digital Research Archive

Burke and Wills Historical Society


Australian feral camel


being ghosted


Journal of Expedition in search of Burke and Wills * Frederick Walker

Journal of Landsborough’s Expedition from Carpentaria In search of Burke and Wills Journal of Landsborough’s expedition from Carpentaria, in search of Burke and Wills. With a map showing his route. * William Landsborough

interactive multimedia: The Diary of William John Wills


The Infamous Tree

The Dig Tree: The Story Of Burke And Wills: The Extraordinary Story Of The Burke And Wills Expedition * Sarah P. Murgatroyd


There is a movie based on the exploration, starring Jack Thompson and Nigel Havers, only available on VHS. I leave you with this delightfully dry review of the movie.

The story begins in 1854 England. Adults play games on the lawn. Next we see Jack Wills and other men riding camels in a desert…
There is a dust storm. Equipment is damaged. One man recalls the Crimean War.

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  • Jerking the Camel
  • Remedial Syphilis
  • Hashtag Blessed
  • Mount Hopeless

Episode 110, continuing the proud Dollop tradition of comedy about rats, camels, horses, and tycoons (aka “richy big-wigs”–Dave). Proud of bringing you the weird since 2014.

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