Episode 114: Dollop: Alexander Pearce

It’s that part of the teen horror movie when you realize you’re not on the poster.


listen to episode 114: Alexander_Pearce.mp3

Gareth: All right, they’re eating people.

Wil: But just to make a point.

Alexander Pearce's death sentence, executed July 19th, 1824
Alexander Pearce’s death sentence; executed July 19th, 1824

Macquarie Harbor Penal Station, Sarah Island, Macquarie Harbor, Van Diemen’s Land (now Tasmania) 1822-1833

true crime: Bloodlust: The Unsavoury Tale of Alexander Pearce, the Convict Cannibal * Nick Bleszynski

The novel I thought about throughout this entire episode: And Then There Were None/Ten Little Indians * Agatha Christie

I had a hearty horror laugh that this even existed: Wikipedia category page, cannibals by nationality.

Two horror movies have been made about Pearce’s culinary walkabout, one of which I did not realize I have seen, and already recommended on site: Dying Breed (2008), which popped up in the Australian Horror Movies post. The other is Van Diemen’s Land (2009), which I want to watch pronto.

There’s also The Last Confession of Alexander Pearce, which crosses genres in the manner of, it seems to me, The Exorcism of Emily Rose. official site: thelastconfession.com

The Bushrangers: Illustrating the Early Days of Van Diemen’s Land  * James Bonwick

“Words From the Executioner to Alexander Pearce” is the fourth track on The Drones’ album Gala Hill. Weddings Parties Anything also have a song about Pearce, which is apparently a mosh pit favorite when played live: “A Tale They Won’t Believe“:

…So that night we made fires out of twigs and out of bark
And our stomachs they were grumbling all through the night so dark
I can’t say I feel guilty, after all it wasn’t me
But when the sun came up next morning the four had turned to three

And I said, right there’s another one, don’t you frown,
Chew the meat and hold it down,
It’s a tale they won’t believe,
When I get down to Hobart town…

Want a sandwich? I have ham, turkey, roast beef, beef hash…

And one more book recommendation, from the oft-Carla-recommended Professor Harold Schechter: Man-Eater: The Life and Legend of an American Cannibal. Enter Alfred G. Packer, stage left. Nom nom nom.

Band names from this episode:

  • Inappropriate Meat
  • Sir Rumpus
  • Suicide Whales
  • Rumduck
  • Timtams
  • Jerked Dalton
  • Novelty Licorice Jackets
  • Venom Leg

So many cultural riffs in this one…


This moment gives me life. Not because I am laughing at her, but because we have all had those moments. Yes, we have. Yes, you, too. Don’t front.






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