Episode 115: Smollop: Charley Hatfield

You gotta respect the sky. You’re basically giving a job interview to the clouds.

I was so hoping that this episode was going to be about a different set of American Hatfields. Ah, but for another day, I am certain.

War and the Weather, Or the Artificial Production of Rain * Edward Powers

‘Cloud Coaxer’ Had a Stormy Career in Parched Deserts

I have this niggling feeling that I should trademark Cloud Coaxer, should I ever need to be a cam girl in order to make ends meet. I don’t know how I could make it work, but with my boobs and a fog machine…?

(or you could save the world from this catastrophe, ’cause nobody needs to see that)

Awesome movie for this episode: The Rainmaker (1956): Burt Lancaster (as the hustling rainmaker Starbuck), Katharine Hepburn, Lloyd Bridges–It was actually based upon the Charley Hatfield flood, and he was invited to the premiere. I don’t know if he accepted the invitation.

Noah Curry: We don’t believe in rainmakers.
Bill Starbuck: What do you believe in mistah? Dyin’ cattle?

Rainmaker: Hepburn's amazing stank face
Rainmaker: Hepburn’s amazing stank face

thedollop.net entries about the Civil War

Great Chicago Fire of 1871 (I seem to remember we had a Girl Scout song about Mrs. O’Leary’s cow being the culprit–now, as an adult, I am wondering if we were perpetuating a anti-Irish ditty. Ugh. How sweet–a room of Brownies twittering a it’s all the micks’ fault drinking song. And my being part mick meself. I don’t even know if this memory is true, and I am still ashamed. That says too much about me, I think, but I will let it stand. What the hell.)

prairie fires

As for the legal two-step with the city–liability v. payment, Charley Hatfield missed the opportunity to be a comic book supervillian. He should have told them to pay him and let him go his way or I will do it again. You don’t want me to make another flood, do you? </low menacing Dr. Doom voice>

Done. Deal.

Such a missed opportunity.

And, on that note, I shall leave you with two things:

  1. Fictional characters who can control the weather
  2. Cloudbusting (my favorite version, I know, I’m a heathen, stoning begins at sundown): Cloudbusting (Bonus Track) – Charlotte Martin

Okay, three: And this really, really fabulous mashup between Charlotte Martin and the movie Twister, because something shiny should come out of fraud, and should be available to brain scrub out the image of Cloud Coaxer cam for you. (But there, I brought it up again first, because I CAN.)

Bands from this episode:

  • Rainmaking Boxcar
  • PrairieFire
  • Fumetheory
  • Hatfield Rain
  • Moisture Accelerator (very emo)

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