Episode 116: Dollop: The Actor Rivalry

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Are we talking about an actor-off?


Two quotes this time; this one could serve as a motto of sorts for The Dollop:

Strike while the iron is strange.


I need to add that to the inappropriate cross-stitch to-do pile. Oh. Yeah.

  Looks like Nick Offerman, and I cannot unsee it– Nick Offerman

and now neither can you. You’re welcome. It’s both a gift and a curse.


Edwin Forrest (1806-1872) (at findagrave)

Edwin Forrest Elementary School named for him in Philadelphia, lovely Art Deco building (click for full size):


William Macready (1793-1873)


Read some Shakespeare, you heathen. Two reasons: it’s fantabulous; and I can will then have someone new to bore with my blahblahblah love of Shakespeare. You can already feel your ears going numb, can’t you? Feels good, doesn’t it? Feels so good.



Hamlet (my very favorite)
Oh, and by the way, blackface in Othello, on amazingly important and serious world stages, was still a thing as of last month. Last month. Check it out at NPR: All Things Considered.


Bands from this episode (so many bands this time)

  • Woodshed Theatre
  • Big MacBeth (delicious licks, yes, I went there, I went there)
  • Fancy Dancing Hamlet
  • Gunpowder Chandelier
  • Dueling Macbeths
  • Flying Stones
  • Macbeth and Muskets (they entertain at battle reenactments, they do take requests, but do not ask for “John’s Brown Body“, trust me, it’s a huge thing)
  • Mrs. Langdon’s Roses


Oh, and one more comparison:

Edwin Forrest apparently was rocking a proto-pompahawk, Greg Behrendt.Edwin_ForrestA frizzy, extremely crunchy one, but still, it’s rare to see one in the wild like that.


Okay, so let’s dance this bitch out the door. This is what I thought about when I listened to this episode, once the jaunty dancing Hamlet was mentioned. Enjoy, my Rubes, enjoy the ’80’s, the time of my teens:

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