Episode 123: Smollop: The Yankee Pitcher Switch

You willfully gave up your entire life to another! You’re like an episode of Tales From the Crypt!”

Once upon a time, Gareth, a youngster of the ’80’s, nailed the ’70’s:

You can tell the ’70’s were fueled by cocaine: brash decision-making.

I was born the year this huge decision was made, so I remember macrame clothing and feathered hair. What I don’t remember directly, I’ve gleaned (or I eavesdropped from neighborhood bridge and pool parties): key parties, wife swapping, swinging, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice. Behind it all, the all-encompassing disco beat.

Disclaimer so that I receive Christmas presents this year: My parents did not swing or wife swap, none of that. There was plenty of macrame and hair-feathering, our kitchen and den were orange, and we had both a large laughing Buddha statue and a larger black velvet painting of a bullfighter. But nothing sillier than that orange paint, that bullfighter, and Momma Dollop’s platform shoes.
episode 123
This is a lovely, happy picture of four people going sailing, that’s all. Let me introduce them: Bad Decision, What Were You Thinking, Oops I Goofed, Sure What The Hell.

You can choose who you love, but there is a time and a place and a method–and sports reporters are not therapists. Also, exchanging wives, houses, kids, and dogs with your coworker, and then continuing to work with them…well, I don’t think that life and career plan was covered in What Color is Your Parachute?, was it?


Band names from this episode:

  • Designated Hitter
  • Winterball
  • Off Season
  • Mexico MedSchool
  • Nasty-Type Thing–think Oingo Boingo meets Depeche Mode
  • Family Day!


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