Episode 125: Smollop: The Puritans and the Quakers

The light’s inside of me, baby! If you whip me hard enough, you’ll see it!


First, a gift, from my brain that never purges anything.

My mom recently told me I was the perfect curator for The Dollop. I asked why, and she said that, were she not my mother, she could believe I was the love child of Spencer Reid and Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds. Everyone laughed, no one corrected her. Okay, fine, I’ll take it. I have an Oreo-shaped mug warmer, for starters, at one elbow (Penelope) and William JamesThe Varieties of Religious Experience at the other (Spencer). I’m kooky and cerebral and awkward. Check, check and check.

So, the silly, eccentric part of me watched The Bad Girls Club, and the braintrap part of me never forgot what I watched. Brain fog from fibromyalgia is horrifically fickle–I can’t remember the name of an everyday object that I am holding in my hand, but I can recall this TV show I watched years ago. Ridiculous and embarrassing, but I digress. So, Dave mentions crazed disruptors of quiet worship (sleep), wearing odd clothes (pajamas), banging pots and pans? I got you, boo.

May I present, the one and only, certainly (to my knowledge) not a Quaker but a badass nonetheless, Tanisha Thomas:


Girl, thank you for this priceless moment in time. I am imagining Quakers doing this down the early morning streets of 17th century Boston, while Puritans, kneeling on the hard floor of the meeting house, are trying desperately to pretend that they do not hear it. I bet you didn’t know when you were hassling your roommates that someday you would be making history fun. 🙂

Ironically, being a member of the Friends today is more about gathering in silence: Holy Silence: A Gift of Quaker Spirituality * J. Brent Bill

More books for your reading pleasure, because yay, books are awesome, damn it:

More information on the first two Quaker arrests: Christianity.com: Mary Fisher and Ann Austin

Oh, and don’t know if you noticed the origin of the phrases “drummed out of town” and “drummed up support”? Yep, those wacky Puritans.

Highly recommended for your viewing pleasure: Salem (TV), third season currently in production. To illustrate the public punishments two-for-one, I am going to use an image from Salem, because when I tried searching for branding and stocks, even including Puritans, I got too close to the Dark Web. Y’all people scare me.

It’s a screencapture of a character being branded while in the stocks–F for Fornicator, to be specific. After the spoiler cut.

F is for...


Bands from this episode (so many bands, it’s Silver-buckle-alooza up in here):

  • Blind Zealot
  • Pan of Fire
  • Fuckstocks
  • Pisspot Sabbath
  • Sandwich Town (they sometimes open for The King Sweater)
  • Incognito Thing
  • Glovetaker

(and a little trivia, because your girl loves trivia: William James was Henry James’, of our Turn of the Screw, brother. Good night, my dears. That’s quite enough out of me for tonight.)

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