Episode 26: Dollop: Bernard Goetz

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Barry Slotnick: Now working for tthe firm of Loeb and Loeb in copyright and trademark law

The Daily Beast: WIlliam Shatner interviews Goetz. Yes. Oh, yes. (video)

Goetz now: pot arrests, running for mayor of New York, still rocking fabulous windbreakers, and incautious squirrel wrangling. Oh, and tastelessly piping up and comparing himself to George Zimmerman. Sometimes the words in your head should not come out of your mouth. Yeah.

Also, I’m not linking to it, but apparently Goetz still finds his Death Wish moment amusing or hero-worthy, because he has also started an online business: Vigilante Electronics. Cute, really cute.

What I will link to his 2005 page from his political aspirations period. Wow. From the World Trade Center to pot to ugly campaigning to taxes to vegetarianism. That’s a lot going on there.

And, I must link to his IMDb page: Yes, sir. He plays the role of a criminologist in a short film about a stalker (Every Move You Make (2002)) and a nutritionist to vampires in the horror movie Silver Night (2005). Wow. Just wow. They are both written and directed by Glenn Andreiev, so there’s your culprit.

Interesting footnote to Goetz’s life: according to biography.com, he was sent to that boarding school because, when he was 12, his father was convicted of molesting two 15-year-old boys. Puts an interesting wrinkle into his development.

Review of the trial by the Law School of the University of Missouri-Kansas City

Subway Gunman: A Juror’s Account of the Bernard Goetz Trial * Mark Lesly and Charles Shuttleworth

I insist on ending this entry in our library with the names of the victims. No matter how you feel about Goetz and Zimmerman’s actions, or how you feel about street justice, boys are dead, and boys’ lives are ruined. One is permanently impaired. So I am going to list their names,  and then you, in their honor, go enjoy this fine ’80’s tune, perfect for this episode, and then go peacefully share your public transportation of choice with others:

Berlin: The Metro

  • James Ramseur: killed himself on the 27th anniversary of the Goetz shooting, 2011
  • Darrell Cabey: physically and mentally impaired, 1984
  • Barry Allen
  • Troy Canty
  • Trayvon Martin: deceased, 2012

Argue that Canty, Allen and Ramseur continued criminal behavior, so maybe Goetz was right? (That was hard to type.) I understand that argument, and they did. But bear with me, because, as a counselor, I worked with angry young men their age and socioeconomic standing. And I can tell you one thing that will guarantee that a kid that feels angry and trapped stays that way: shoot him. A bullet will definitely make certain the vicious circle stays closed and spinning. Good work, man. Nothing like a a gun to put an 18-year-old and three 19-year-olds in their place.

Damn it.

Now I have to link to the Berlin video, because I am cranky again, so I am supposing you are, too, my lovelies. Sorry about that. Oh, well, it’s an excuse to look at pretty Terri Nunn, and her long legs in that short skirt.

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  • The Cow Game
  • Windbreaker
  • Members Only
  • Low Rent Batman
  • Firebreaker
  • The Squirrel Scandal
  • Squirrel Nazis (think The Cramps, Butthole Surfers)

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