Episode 27: Smollop: Oofty Goofty

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Mom and Dad, I found a job!…Oofty Goofty.

two different stories about why Borchardt could not feel physical pain:

  1. …as the result of being thrown out of a Barbary Coast saloon onto a hard cobblestone street. Goofty reportedly would tour San Francisco, baseball bat in hand, and invite anyone who would listen to kick him as hard as they could for 5 cents, smack him with a walking stick for 15 cents, or beat him with a baseball bat for 25 cents. In 1891 John L. Sullivan (the Boston Strong Boy) struck him across the back with a billiard cue fracturing three vertebrae, and reportedly Goofty walked with a limp the rest of his life because of it. (Oofty Goofty/Wikipedia)

  2. In November, 1892, he was claiming that he had sat down in water for several years and had become partially petrified, thus immune to pain. He was betting people $50 that they could not make him cry out in pain by hitting him with a drill. (Oofty Goofty/Wikipedia)

Because, when I’m feeling saucy and strong, I prove I can be smacked with a drill. Sometimes, I go for a good bitchslap from a contractor’s level. Wows the guys every time. –Carla
Oofty Goofty’s entry in a quail eating contest, January 10, 1897, .pdf: Houston Daily Post: Oofty Goofty
and…insert drumrollthe Wild Man of Borneo’s entry in the Urban Dictionary! Now that’s 21st century infamy.
Ooggy-Goofty-1aparodied in the “Kid from Borneo” episode of The Little Rascals, aka Our Gang:

band names from this episode:

  • 21 Languages
  • Tar and Horsehair
  • Faking Fits
  • Wild Man of Borneo
  • Borneo Bound


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