Episode 34: Smollop: Dan Burros

Do you want to read Mein Kampf? That’s a lot like Moby Dick, except the whale is Jews.

NY Press: The Death of Daniel Burros: A Jewish Klansman Who Did More Than Just Hate
Religion.Wikia: Dan Burros
Wikipedia: Dan Burros
Shooting of George Lincoln Rockwell in Arlington, Virginia, 1967

ANP Headquarters, Arlington, VA
ANP Headquarters, Arlington, VA

For Race And Nation: George Lincoln Rockwell and the American Nazi Party
The Believer: Confronting Jewish Self-Hatred
One More Victim: the Life and Death of a American-Jewish Nazi
inspired the Ryan Gosling movie, The Believer
Oh, and the Southern Poverty Law Center lists the American Nazi Party as still active and still based in Richmond, Virginia. Yeah. slowly bangs head on desk
Band names from this episode:

  • White Castle
  • Cutter Man
  • White Castle Riot
  • Section 8
  • Section 8 Discharge

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