Episode 36: Smollop: Kentucky Meat Shower

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God shook his beard.


New York Times article about the event:

36: NY Times

blog entry and photo at Journal of the Bizarre

nostoc, aka star jelly squish

A final, though undocumented, explanation is one of biological warfare. Locals have shared a belief that Confederate soldiers may have fired diseased meat from a canon into a Union camp as a way to spread illness.

That’s from fleshfalls.com, which also has an episode of America’s Test Kitchen which discusses the event, and a video of Rachel Maddow’s discussing it.

Gotta bust out my homegirl on the involvement on ATK and Maddow, and the fact that the Civil War ended in 1875:

Carla dunno.That kid and I are ride-or-die. She gets me.

Fortean Times: World’s Weirdest News Stories

Finally, the nomnoms in question:

36: Sky MeatBands from this episode:

  • Yard Soap (Fight Club, baby, all day, we know what’s in that soap)
  • Meatsnow
  • Skymeat
  • KY Meat Shower
  • Flying Bear
  • Meatstars

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