Episode 39: Dollop: LAPD: The Beginning

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You do not want to be called Daddy by a whore. Not in public.


39: California_Clipper_500California Gold Rush: 1848-1855

The Age of Gold: The California Gold Rush and the New American Dream * H. W. Brands

Glassell Park

39: CalifornianNewspaperGoldFoundMarch15-1848
very first announcement of gold, which started the rush

William C. Warren (1836 – 1870): first paid law enforcement employee in Los Angeles

He was also tax collector and dog catcher, because reasons.

In 1860. he married Juanita Lopez; one of their three children, Ida, became the mother of a later Los Angeles County Sheriff Eugene Biscailuz.

A guttersnipe is a scruffy and badly behaved child who spends most of their time on the street and Talleyrand was a statesman and diplomat that played both sides against the middle. So I would assume a “guttersnipe Talleyrand” is a snot-nosed twerp who is always underfoot, always eavesdropping, and who will be on either side serves him better at any time.

How did I do, in the ballpark, you think?

One more joke before I address the Chinese Massacre of Los Angeles.

With gunfire ringing out all around him, he went home to bed.


Your tax dollars at work. Yep, Dave was talking about a policeman.

Okay, here we go.

Breate in, breathe out. Woo-SA.

In Warren-era Los Angeles, you were Californio, “white”, or, God help you, Chinese.

The mass lynching, the largest ever in American history:

10 men were charged, only 8 convicted–of manslaughter, mind you, and those 8 were let out of San Quentin on a technical error. 18 people were menaced, tortured, and hanged in the street in front of their neighbors, family, and friends. Why? Because they were Chinese.

So I am going to make the smallest of gestures by being honest here, by using the awful language they did in the tags, and to continue to use it when I expand this into a stand-alone page, as witness to this event, and by listing these men, these eight out of five hundred rioters, and adding their full names and surnames to the tags:

  • Esteban Alvarado
  • Charles Austin
  • Refugio Botello
  • L. F. Crenshaw
  • A. R. Johnson
  • Jesus Martinez
  • Patrick M. McDonald
  • Louis Mendel

And whichever one of you men cut Dr. Gene Tong’s finger from his hand so you could take his wedding ring as you and your friends were lynching him, from that hand that may have treated your own children or friends, I fervently hope that ring brought you nothing but bad luck, I hope it was your albatross.

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