Episode 43: Dollop: Pulgasari

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Make good films, but make sure they are about people understanding that they need to listen.


Let’s get this out of the way: The Interview (2014) was not banned. You can rent or own it right over here. Not the ideal decision, by any means, on the part of Sony, but at least the movie is still viewable.

Kim Jong-Il lived from 1941-2011 (and I must admit I am not pleased that we share a birthday, but I’mma let that slide), and ruled North Korea from 1994-2011. Ruled is such an inadequate word here.

Kim Jong-Il’s Giant Walk-In Closet of Favorite Movies:

But he needed more, so he stole humans to make more, as you do:

Sang Ok-Shin

Eun-hie Choi

For what it’s worth, Kim Jong-Il’s book is available: On the Art of the Cinema
My recommendation is to click the free sample button on the Kindle page, read the first chapter, enjoy the headspin, and then do something constructive and freedom-related.

Bands from this episode:

  • Cornered Hornet
  • Lockdown
  • Barfinghusks
  • The Dr. Pibb Bribe

Cultural references from this episode:

And, then, I shall leave you with mandated mourning, North Korean style (and a Crackjack box surprise down below):

See? I couldn’t leave you with something awful like forced mourning. So: two little goodies:

Pulgasari is available to view, with many exclamation points for extra propaganda excitement: Pulgasari – The Monster Mightier Than Godzilla ! In Korean Language With English Subtitles
it, and this whole debacle/horror show has been documented in a Sundance gem:
See, who loves you? That’s right, Momma Carla loves ya.

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