Episode 54: Dollop: Cassius Clay

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On November 13, they married. He was 84. She was 15.
Oh, shit.

Cassius Clay = pretty much the reason Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860, no big deal
What does “sold down the river” actually mean? The answer isn’t pretty.–NPR
National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
50 East Freedom Way
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
The Speeches, Addresses, and Writings of Cassius M. Clay, Including a Biographical Sketch (Classic Reprint)
Cassius Marcellus Clay: Firebrand of Freedom * H. Edward Richardson
Wonderful addendum: The Five Most Badass Ways People Ever Escaped From Slavery–Cracked
and the genealogy:
Cassius Marcellus Clay Sr. (1912-1990) was a freed slave from Cassius’ household, who was named for his father’s former owner. (If I am incorrect in my details, please correct me with love. Don’t scare me, I’m a sweet, very pale girl living in Virginia. Don’t yell, and don’t fuss at Dave and Gareth. Cool? Cool. If I am wrong, I promise to write a separate entry all about my historical errors. Promise.) He married Odessa Grady (1933–1990). Cassius Sr.’s parents were Herman H. Clay and Edith E. Greathouse.
Their children were Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. (b. 1942) and Rudy Clay (b.1943). You know Junior as Muhammad Ali.—>family tree work online.
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