Episode 69: Dollop: Elmer McCurdy

“…Minimal training with nitroglycerin…”


Money bags: Elmer McCurdyOh, Elmer, man. Oh, no. Dude.
Elmer’s Snopes article. Verdict: true.
The Six Million Dollar Man Don’t you laugh, whippersnappers. For a young kid in the 1970’s, this was some awesome sci-fi. I hear you snickering, damn it.
Weekend at Bernie’s
MacGyver This is why your elders use “macguyver” as a verb. Listen well and learn.
She Freak (Special Edition) (1967)
Maniac/Narcotic (1933)
Elmer made one top ten famous mummies list, God bless ’em.Elmer McCurdy in his coffin
Elmer’s final resting place at findagrave
Elmer McCurdy: The Life And Afterlife Of An American Outlaw * Mark Svenvold
and defined for Dave and Gareth: trichinosis is a parasite ingested from eating undercooked pork or wild game–so, worms. Trichomoniasis is an STD, also a parasite. The more you know.
Band names from this episode:

  • Hay and Whiskey
  • Minimal Nitro
  • Stringer Felton
  • Macguyver’s Toolbox

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