Episode 73: Smollop: Mike the Chicken

I am the Egg Man.

The chicken was the first domesticated animal ever. It was valued for fortune-telling and fertility in ancient Greece and Egypt. In the 9th century, Pope Nicholas I declares that the cock was a religious symbol, and should be displayed at churches as a reminder of St. Peter’s denial of Christ. To this day, many churches still maintain weathervanes topped by cocks.

Not a euphemism.
Cockfighting is believed to be the largest continuous sport on Earth, and was not illegal in Louisiana until 2008.
Mike even has a song written in his honor: Mike the Headless Chicken by Jane Gillies (feat. Mary Shapiro & Michael J. Ronstadt)
official site: miketheheadlesschicken.org

  • Yearly festival: the 17th Annual Mike the Headless Chicken Festival will be May 15th-16th 2015, in Fruita, Colorado. If you go, tell them The Dollop says hi.
  • Festival schedule
  • Events in this year’s festival include a 5k, disc golf, and a car show.
  • Mike’s official store, because you need a Mike the Headless Chicken t-shirt. You do.

And, Gareth’s reference to Benny and Joon
–imagine this scene, but with chicken heads instead of dinner rolls. You’re welcome.

Band names for this episode:

  • Mike’s Cerebellum
  • Miracle Fowl
  • Fiberglass Cow
  • Different Head
  • Freak Beast

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