Episode 76: Live: Australian Exorcists

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Yoga–stretch it out…get the devil in there. Feel that burn? That’s a demon.

Before we start: Dave, Love you, man, but Gargamel is not a Harry Potter reference. Gargamel was the creepy lecher-looking human on the Smurfs. Someday, with some work, you will be as impossibly geeky as I.
–Schoolin’ you, Carla.
P. S. Think of it this way–Halloween costume for this year!
To even up the score here, so Dave can laugh at my expense, I cannot list Gabriel Amorth’s books without admitting I own them. Truth in advertising and all that. Yes, Dave, I own and have read them. No, I don’t know what I think. Shortest book review ever: Fascinating, but a little overwrought. Okay, here’s our first own Dog Shaming–Dollop Shaming, as it were:

Dollop Shaming: Carla not only bought both of Fr. Amorth books, she also read them!
Dollop Shaming: Carla not only bought both of Fr. Amorth books, she also read them!
Anyhoo…back to Australia and exorcisms…
Gabriel Amorth: An Exorcist Tells His Story, An Exorcist: More Stories
Catholic Charismatic Movement Australia–and their Facebook page, which has less flames than their website
Australian Pentacostalism

The International Center for Reiki Training

International Catholic Association of Exorcists–seems to be their own offshoot–“all Romans are Catholic, but not all Catholics are Romans”?I dunno

International Association of Exorcists, founded 1990


Exorcist Association Green Light From Vatican, Huffington Post, 2014
List of exorcists (sometimes I love Wikipedia)
And let us not forget that a group of people murdered what was likely an unmedicated schizophrenic woman, an unmedicated, dehydrated, overheated, restrained, mentally ill woman. By breaking her thyroid cartilage, by reaching down her throat, after squeezing up her body like a toothpaste tube.

Not actual crime scene photo
Not actual crime scene photo
And they got away with it.
Full story at the australian.com.au
Now the “exohouse” is scaring locals…but also attracting others to hold seances in it.
That’s quite enough of that.
And now, a Very Special Episode of The Dollop
(cue moving music)
where we present Dave’s Favorite Moment of The Dollop, EVAR:
The guys had been discussing that America’s favorite TV subjects right now are zombies and lawyers, and that, if they could be combined into Zombie Lawyer, TV gold would be created.

Dave: Your Honor! He’s eating the witness!
Gareth: I’ll allow it.
Wil: *doink, doink*

(music swells)
(moment of silence)
(wipes a tear)
Oh, and guys? Um, I looked for you, because I am a good curator/librarian. The Sexorcist does exist, it is a porn movie, made in 1974. Some of its top IMDb tags are “blow job”, “swimming pool”, “voice over narration”, “demonic possession”, and “insanity”. You’re welcome. I need a hug.
Cultural references from this episode:

  • A Clockwork Orange again, again with Malcolm McDowell and the eyelid spreader. I think Alex the Droog is becoming The Dollop unofficial mascot.
  • The Karate Kid (1984)
  • True Detective
  • Weekend at Bernie’s, the only movie that shows up as often on the Dollop as A Clockwork Orange
  • INXS: Kick — I applied so much hair spray listening to this CD, getting ready for high school in the mornings. So. Much. Hair spray.
  • Hysteria
    (I have this on vinyl. Represent.)
  • Wife Swap

Band names from this episode:

  • Doink Doink (Carla calls DIBS)
  • Zombie Lawyer
  • The Sexorcist
  • Night Visitors
  • Permanent Midnight
  • Blacktown


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