Episode 79: Dollop: New Australia

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Idea: swinging, free love, utopian society in the jungle, much like the Oneida Community, and based on Edward Bellamy’s book Looking Backward

I dunno
Pretty much. A big, wasteful, confusing, racist, dystopian clusterfuck. (Yes, I know, I just used this little confused imp, but she is so appropriate, and she gets me.)
Yet, descendants still live in that area today, so, good out of bad, right? I hope.
79: ParaguayCave of Adullam: stronghold in the Old Testament (1 Samuel)–generally refers to a small group removing themselves from the status quo, planning to eventually return to overthrow the status quo
Paradise Mislaid: In Search of the Australian Tribe of Paraguay * Anne Whitehead
The Paraguayan Experiment * Michael Wilding
A Peculiar People * Gavin Souter
Musical influence of New Australia/Colonia Nueva Australia:

  • the Currency, an Australian Folk Punk band (I didn’t know that was a thing, now I am intrigued) have a song “Paraguay” about the settlement
  • Graeme Connors‘ song “Boomerang in Paradise”
  • Weddings Parties Anything‘s song “Drifted Away”
  • Redgum‘s song “Virgin Ground”

Band names from this episode:

  • Porpoise Racing
  • Whips of Fun (hat tip: Tommy Dassalo–hi, Tommy!)
  • Sweated Labor
  • Shitfoot (and hat tip: Ceila Pacquola!)
  • Heaps of Books (they like to hunt down and cover songs that make literary references, but then don’t explain the references, very hipster)
  • Old Maid
  • Dick Delivery
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