Episode 88: Dollop: The Trojan Taco

You can tell the ’70’s were fueled by cocaine: brash decision-making.


. . .and polyester leisure suits, Gareth. Rough polyester everywhere. And sometimes, the brash decision-making passed leisure suit and thought a one-piece leisure suit was a good idea:

bad decision leisure suit
The copy alone on this ad deserved some attention. Click the image to hear me damage your libido by reading it in sexytime voice via soundcloud or embedded mp3 below.


Zapatista Liberation Army of the South

Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

Fred Gomez Carrasco at findagrave, San Antonio, Texas

Eleven Days in Hell: The 1974 Carrasco Prison Siege at Huntsville, Texas (North Texas Crime and Criminal Justice Series) * William T. Harper

audio tapes from the 11-day hostage siege, thanks to the University of Texas

Nixon tapes (1971-1973):

And why “Trojan”? Well, the racist title for the escape vehicle comes from the story of the Trojan horse, first told in Virgil’s Aeneid. But instead of a wooden horse sculpture gift unknowingly full of Greeks, it was folded chalkboards and law books, full of Mexicans and Texans, so…unfortunately…someone compared it to a taco.

Whatever happened to that splendidly-named Governor Dolph Briscoe? The University of Texas named their Center of American History for him. Now that’s a cowboy move, that’s riding off into the sunset, y’all.

Bands from this episode:

  • Playboy Shack
  • Peaches and Bullets
  • Ammo Limp


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