Episode 9: Dollop: The Pendragon

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No wonder William Shatner is so late!

At their weekly meetings, the Leader told them about his plans. The uprising would begin when the country’s economy collapsed.
Sounds like the Manson Family, doesn’t it? But wait, there’s more.
Atop Mount Tamalpais, the sequoia-wooded peak that dominated the Bay area, a laser-gun would be aimed towards San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge.
Yeah, I know Manson and his kids had “futuristic” dune buggies, but no lasers. Hrm.

The rebels were to seal off all roads leading in and out of Marin County and establish fortified headquarters in the romanesque castle-like buildings of the San Francisco Theological Seminary that were perched on a hill in San Anselmo; both the Golden Gate Bridge to the south and the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge that connected Marin County with Contra Costa County to the east must be destroyed. Prisoners would be released from San Quentin Prison because the insurgents did not want to take responsibility for them; no doubt the convicts would take a cue from the Leader’s example and return spontaneously to the paths of virtue. (Murderpedia)

Ooohhhhhhhh, o-kay. See, in Manson’s case, it was the “black man”. For Mark Richards, it was the prisoners of San Quentin. And now “return spontaneously to the paths of virtue” is my new favorite thing. I am adding it to the inappropriate cross-stitch pattern file, because, out of context, it sounds like something straight out of Jane Austen.
Out of print book (but available) book that includes this case: The Vintage Car Murders * Jonathan Goodman
And, yes, the San Francisco Theological Seminary absolutely looks like a castle. So, you know, insanity and murder, but excellent taste in New Camelot, so, yay? Eep.
Hey, Dave, look over there, free beer!
Did it work? Good, here, quick, before he looks back: Native Sons of the Golden West. Shhhh.
Oh, yeah: there’s another similarity here, not just Manson: Mark Richards now believes her was imprisoned by the government not because he murdered someone, but because he knows so much about our contact with aliens. Sound familiar? Ball diamond ball diamond BALL vitamin K.
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