Episode 94: Dollop: The Business Plot

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Show me the Smedley!


First of all, let me enjoy his name. Smedley Darlington Butler. That’s a whole lotta moxie on his mother’s part.

Secondly, how did she know he would grow up to look so much like a Smedley?

That is a Smedley mug, complete with Smedley something-smells-awry face.

Now, then.

There is a Smedley Butler Society, and their website is the angriest color yellow I have ever seen. Didn’t think a color could be angry? Go look. I’ll wait.

Told you.

Shake it off.

the Business Plot conspiracy (or alleged conspiracy) on Wikipedia
House Un-American Activities Committee

American Liberty League: organized to oppose FDR’s New Deal

War is a Racket  * Smedley Butler

And, you know, while FDR was juggling this (alleged) mess, and the New Deal, what else he was juggling? A lot of bare Navy asses, that’s what.

the Bushes: Prescott Bush and his complicated economic intertwinings with the Nazis (and the Trading with the Enemy Act)

the Singer sewing machine fortune, aka, I was Daddy’s favorite, no I was: The Clarks of Cooperstown * Nicholas Fox Weber

Bands from this episode:

  • Gin Tears (tend towards maudlin covers–the more moody songs of Johnny Cash‘s catalog, Patsy Cline, that sort of thing)
  • Bellicose Stare
  • Schlub Arm
  • King Meatball
  • Dickstein

Cultural references from this episode:



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