Special episode: Dollop: Dole Plane Race

It’s like the balloons in Cleveland, but with human lives!


This episode temporarily lives at clyp

James Dole (1877-1958)

Sanford Dole (1844-1926)

Oh, and those Hunt brothers from San Francisco who pitched in some money for the race? Yeah, those Hunt brothers.

Chinatown burned down: 1900 (great for continuing American relationships with the Chinese, don’cha think?

Looks from this diagram that they were attempting to play air leapfrog.

Death Dogged the Dolebirds: Pioneer Pacific Fliers wrote Tragic Chapter In Air History — the Virtual Museum of San Francisco

Photos and plane information at hawaii.gov: Hawaii Aviation

The only two planes to finish:

  • the Woolaroc piloted by Art Goebel and navigated by William V. Davis
  • the Aloha, piloted by Martin Jensen and navigated by Paul Schluter

Mildred Doran: Smithsonian Air and Space: My Aunt Mildred

hawaiihistory.org: incredible site, almost lost myself in it.

It takes us right back to the disinfecting the plague by fire incident.

In December 27, 1850, King Kamehameha III signed an ordinance establishing the Honolulu Fire Department, the first fire department in the Hawaiian Islands and the only fire department in the United States established by a ruling monarch…

Two of the department’s most famous fires occurred in Chinatown in downtown Honolulu, the first in 1886 and the second in 1900. Each leveled almost the entire Chinatown community with damage estimates for both well exceeding $1 million. (link)

Twice. Both times in Chinatown. facepalm

James Drummond Dole
James Drummond Dole

Oh, well, at least the Dole Plantation’s Pineapple Maze has made the Guiness Book, right? Right?

Bands from this episode:

  • Pineanimal
  • Premature Aviation
  • Dancing Whore
  • Flight Murder
  • Dave’s Cunty Oven (First International Hit: “Open 24 Hours, Bitch”)
Sanford Ballard Dole
Sanford Ballard Dole

Cultural references from this episode:

Mildred Doran in front of the Miss Doran
Mildred Doran in front of the Miss Doran

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