The Dollop Episode List 2015

  1. The Cereal Men (Live with Patton Oswalt)
  2. Bricklayer Bill
  3. Charles Guiteau (Live with Wil Anderson)
  4. Marvin Heemeyer
  5. Ugly Laws
  6. Michael Malloy
  7. Resurrection Men
  8. Battle of the Pants
  9. Cassius Clay
  10. Michael Larson
  11. Newport Sex Scandal
  12. Eric Red
  13. Lenny Dykstra
  14. George Spencer
  15. Comet Panic
  16. The Sandbar Fight
  17. John Brinkley
  18. Ralph Neves
  19. The Fans of Philadelphia
  20. William Shy
  21. Tong Wars
  22. Bummer and Lazarus
  23. Centralia, Pennsylvania
  24. Elmer McCurdy
  25. Anthony Comstock
  26. The Spite Fence
  27. The Hanover Site
  28. Mike the Chicken
  29. Porter Rockwell
  30. Arthur Philip and New South Wales
  31. Australian Exorcists (Live with Wil Anderson)
  32. Thomas Kinkade
  33. The Dark Secret of Swimming Pools
  34. New Australia (Live with Celia Pacquola and Tommy Dassalo)
  35. Hollow Earth
  36. Lamb Funeral Home
  37. Deborah Sampson
  38. Boxer Tim “Doc” Anderson
  39. Goody Davis and Elizabeth Howell
  40. The Symbionese Liberation Army
  41. Tom Dennison and the Omaha Riot
  42. Action Park!
  43. The Trojan Taco
  44. Russell Colvin
  45. American Childbirth
  46. The Shanghaied Kellys
  47. Owen Kildare
  48. The Three Jesuses
  49. The Business Plot
  50. Henry Heimlich
  51. The Egg Nog Riot
  52. Frank Fossett
  53. D. C. Stephenson and the Ku Klux Klan
  54. The Radium Girls
  55. Jade Helm
  56. The Death of George Washington
  57. Thomas Lawson and Lawsonomy (Live with Al Madigral)
  58. Octopus Wrestling
  59. The Hippo Bill
  60. Denver Spiderman
  61. The Fenian Raids
  62. General Order No. 11
  63. Douglas Mawson (Live with Justin Hamilton)
  64. Mad Don Morgan (Live)
  65. Burke and Wills (Live with Wil Anderson)
  66. The Emu War (Live with Lindsay Webb)
  67. Prince Albert Visits Australia (Live with Celia Pacquola)
  68. Reg Spiers (Live)
  69. Alexander Pearce (Live with Wil Anderson)
  70. Charley Hatfield
  71. The Actor Rivalry
  72. Boston Corbett (Live with Patton Oswalt)
  73. The Battle of Brisbane (Live with Lindsay Webb)
  74. The Batavia (Live)
  75. The Mad Gasser
  76. The First New York Post Office
  77. The Iraq War
  78. The Yankee Pitcher Switch
  79. The Fine Cotton Scandal (Live with Wil Anderson)
  80. The Puritans and the Quakers
  81. RA Cunningham and Tambo
  82. Bank Robber Harry Pierpont
  83. Nim the Chimp
  84. Straw Hat Riot
  85. The Bald Knobbers
  86. John Ericsson and the Monitor
  87. The Bone Wars
  88. The Toxic Woman of Riverside
  89. Count Dante
  90. Stagecoach Mary
  91. Bayou of Pigs
  92. Phineas Gage
  93. History of American Firefighters
  94. The Story of Atari
  95. The Pig War (Live with Graham Clark and Dave Shumka)
  96. John Boyle O’Reilly and the Irish Escape (Live with Justin Hamilton)
  97. Richard Johnson: A Terrible Vice President

lost episode: The Dole Plane Race
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