The Dollop Episode List 2016

  1. The Broderick Terry Duel
  2. The Fight Over Anesthesia
  3. Squirrel Tooth Alice
  4. Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo
  5. The Greenbrier Ghost
  6. James Strang: Island Mormon
  7. John Wayne Thompson’s Armageddon
  8. James Sullivan and the 1904 Olympics (Live with Rory Scovel)
  9. The Oil Boomtowns of Texas
  10. The Car Known As “The Dale”
  11. The Brooke Hart Kidnapping
  12. Ota Benga and Human Zoos
  13. John Permberton’s Drug Tonics
  14. The Marblehead Smallpox Riots
  15. More University and One Taste Incorporated
  16. The Jumper – Robert Emmet Odium
  17. Pedestrianism
  18. Fed Ex Fight 705
  19. The Killing of Maximum John
  20. America’s Greatest Sack of Flour
  21. Syphilis in America
  22. The Witch of Wall Street
  23. The Racism of Maryland Route 40
  24. The Racist Record Keeping of Virginia
  25. The History of New York Sanitation (Live with Ronny Chieng)
  26. America’s First Crematorium (Live with Dave Helem)
  27. Disco Demolition Night (Live with Dave Helem)
  28. The Bowery Boys and Boxing
  29. The Jones County Deserters
  30. America’s Worst Lottery Winner
  31. The Know Nothing Party
  32. The Hard Hat Riot
  33. The Torture Psychologists
  34. Bass Reeves
  35. Jock and the Boston Marathon Women
  36. The Bunion Derby
  37. The Whiskey Rebellion
  38. The Occupation of Alcatraz
  39. Martin Tabert and Convict Leasing
  40. Street Dentist Painless Parker
  41. The Norco Shootout
  42. The Brooklyn Bridge Crushing
  43. Con Man Victor Lusting
  44. John Dillinger’s Penis
  45. The History of Bowling in America
  46. Domino’s Pizza
  47. The Wilmington Coup
  48. Fort Moore Hill
  49. The Airships of 1896
  50. Jackie Mitchell and Babe Ruth
  51. When the Cars Came
  52. The Girls Watchers
  53. An American Pugilist in London
  54. Killer Bees
  55. The Orphans of New York City
  56. Henry Tufts
  57. Tony and the Shotgun
  58. Otto in the Attic
  59. Roger Babson’s Fight
  60. The Molly Maguires
  61. The Sodder Children
  62. The Modern Bushman (Live with Wil Anderson)
  63. The Sydney Ducks (Live with Wil Anderson)
  64. William Bligh (Live with Nick Cody)
  65. The Animal Horror of Macquarie Island (Live with Wil Anderson)
  66. The Australian Sex Philsopher (Live with Nick Cody)
  67. John MacArthur (Live with Justin Hamilton)
  68. The New Jersey Shark Attacks (Live with My Favorite Murder)
  69. The Tichborne Situation (Live with Wil Anderson)
  70. Ned Kelly
  71. Mashers and Hatpins
  72. Black Panther Fred Hampton
  73. Huey Long
  74. Catastrophe Jim
  75. Edmund and the Holy Rollers
  76. The Donora Smog Disaster
  77. The Terror of 1741
  78. The Tylenol Man
  79. Oregon and the Ku Klux Klan
  80. Marion Zioncheck
  81. The Night of Terror
  82. Bundy 2: Oregon Takeover
  83. The Birth of Porn
  84. The Brooklyn Train Strike
  85. Whalesplosion
  86. Boston Busing 1974
  87. Boston Busing 1975
  88. The Shoe Bandit
  89. The Siamese Twins Chang and Eng

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