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I told you so, and I will continue to do so. It’s kinda my job.

First episode: Cliven Bundy, and his cow tax that became a creepy separatist movement that is ongoing. That was 2014.

On this last day of 2015, the guys posted on The Dollop’s Facebook page that the saga continues through generations. It’s Dallas, the moo-cow edition. Only I’m not scared of J. R.

All quotes from talkingpointsmemo:

Dwight Hammond Jr., 73, and his son Steven Hammond, 46, are due to report to federal prison Jan. 4 for starting a series of wildfires on federal lands in 2012, a crime that carries a five-year mandatory minimum sentence.

Now a cast of right wing-rabble rousers are coming to their defense, including the infamous anti-Muslim activist Jon Ritzheimer and Ammon Bundy, son of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who became something of an anti-government folk hero for his own standoff over public lands. Ritzheimer posted a “call to action” video on Dec. 26, in which one activist calls on “all patriots, constitutionalists, militias, and good Americans who believe in the Constitution” to converge on remote Burns, Oregon, to show their support for the Hammonds.

Okay, and it gets weirder. Remember that “constitutionalists” part.

The decentralized group has called on Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward to create a sanctuary so the Hammonds won’t have to surrender to federal authorities, The Oregonian reported.

Civics class was ninth grade, which was so last century, but I do think I would clearly remember the ability of a county sheriff to create the equivalent of medieval church sanctuary against arrest. This isn’t The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Sheriff Ward apparently either agreed with me, or didn’t want to pick a side. Said decentralized group got testy.

After Ward refused, he received death threats and was labeled an “enemy of the people.”

Ummm….that doesn’t sound very American or constitutional. Color me confused.

Saturday is not going to be cute.

Oh, it bears mentioning that the very first comment on this news article brought up race. Bam. Done. Yay, Internet.

For all the deets, the Bundy Ranch’s blog is still up and running.

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