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I am on Medicaid, which does not cover dental surgery. I have Ehlers-Danlos , which is a disorder of the collagen, which is in all twelve body systems. I have been sent to a talented endodontic surgeon, who can save a lower facial tooth despite serious bone loss. (I saw the 3D X-ray; there is a cavern of loss going from the tooth to my jaw.)Because of the bone loss, if I don’t have this two-part surgery, which is antibiotic packing followed by a specialized root canal, I will lose the tooth, and then cannot have a dental implant there; there’s nothing to hold the implant.I have already paid almost three hundred dollars for the examination. I am not yet on disability (still in the process of being examined for it—it’s slow), and I live on my husband’s retirement Social Security, because he must stay home to take care of me; it is not safe for me to be alone.I have Ehlers-DanlosPOTS , MCAS, and fibromyalgia , and use a walker and wheelchair to get around.If this infection goes untreated, and I lose the tooth, the infection and existing bone loss can cause a ripple effect in my lower jaw, and I can lose more teeth. This surgery can help me save all of my lower jaw teeth, and save me from having dentures at 50. Untreated and worsening dental problems can also make my heart problems worse.Teeth loss and severe teeth problems are very common in people with EDS. I have three more dental appointments this month, thankfully covered by Medicaid.Thank you for any help you can provide. I am so scared I won’t be able to receive this treatment and save this tooth. Our society so judges people with visible missing teeth, and I struggle with so much already.

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