Happenings in Dollopland

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Philly is still keeping it real. A happy little experiment robot just wanted to take a walk. Maybe in Charlotte (my hometown) or Boston, poor little robot might have been rerouted, or dressed up in a clown outfit, or some such prank.

Not in Philadelphia!

Phiily decapitated Baby Robot and threw it in a ditch.

No different than giving a stolen prosthetic leg a ride on the subway, or trying to hurt Substitute Santa, or vomiting as a weapon. Keeping it 100. ‘Murcia!

(Can’t lie, I’m disgusted, yet strangely proud of the consistency.)


Somebody want to explain to this ex-cop why blackface is a problem? Why maybe Kickstarter might be a better idea for a fundraiser for Baltimore police than a blackface revivial? Just typing those sentences exhausted my soul. I can’t. Even.


Well, the Republic debate is tonight, which means tomorrow there will be outrageous Trump stories, and this is why:

Cracked: 10 Things About Donald Trump You Won’t Believe Are True


And finally, the Australia 2: Electric Boogaloo tour is coming soon, and I bring you tidings of great tour joy, and stimulate your ticket-purchasing part of your brain with the cutest picture ever taken in Australia. Meet Doodlebug. You’re welcome. Momma Carla loves you, Rubes.

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