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For all the new listeners, visitors…people that night-stumbled over here from Reddit blowing up the Purity Balls episode…Hugh-Glassing here after watching The Revenant…people wondering what cow taxes have to do with that weird Bundy bird sanctuary standoff (hint: episode 1 will do ya nicely) and lucky ducks waltzing over here from Sundance…

Hi. I’m the kook that acts as librarian and historian for the house that Dave and Gareth built. If you are truly new to The Dollop, may I suggest…

first and foremost, the intro, with links to all referenced episodes, because yes, I am that geeky, that’s why the boys let me do this:

theme song/podcast intro

Dave: God, you want a little hit of dude?

Gareth: I’ll do one bump.

Dave: People say this is funny?

Gareth: Not Gary, Gareth. Dave, okay!

Dave: Something or someone is tickling people.

Gareth: Is it for fun?

Dave: And this is not going to become a tickling podcast.

Gareth: O-kay.

Dave: You are Queen Fakey of Made-up Town.

Gareth: All hail Queen Shit of Liesville!

Gareth: A bunch of religious virgins go to mingle and–

Dave: –do what?

Gareth: —pray?!

Finn, coming home from school: Hi, Gary.

Dave: Nicely done, my friend.

Gareth: No, NO., NO!

and then, the first twenty episodes:

  1. Cliven Bundy
  2. Purity Balls
  3. Competitive Endurance Tickling
  4. Ghosts
  5. Hugh Glass
  6. The Tank Chase
  7. Vampire Panic
  8. The Dolphin
  9. The Pendragon
  10. The Jackson Cheese
  11. Lobotomy
  12. The Rube
  13. Colonial Teeth
  14. Carry A Nation
  15. Ten Cent Beer Night
  16. The Two Daredevils
  17. Rainbow Man
  18. The Chameleon
  19. Ferguson
  20. David Hahn

New stuff: Played with the navigation menus, both header and footer. Very flexible, so I could add tags, categories, and pages willy-nilly. Warning: give me willy-nilly and I will run with that bitch. So, those links in the footer that look like ads: they are links. Promise. Try one! Take two, they’re small.

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All internal links. No tricks, just treats.

suggestionbox1As always: Have a suggestion for a topic for an episode for The Dollop? Use the website suggestion box. It sends requests directly to Dave’s specified email address. Nice and tidy.

So new navigation in the menus, plus the usual suspects:

  • special Dollopish tags–tags created and inspired by and for episodes.
  • choose a century, and dive in: 16th17th18th19th20th, 21st.
  • or choose an episode’s blog entry, they are listed in order, organized by year: 20142015, 2016 (I am playing catch up, please excuse as I do)

Our pages: Dave, Gareth, and lil ole me

Again, welcome to our playground! It’s part freak show, part Disney’s Haunted Mansion, part real haunted house, part Library of Alexandria (very small part), part schizophrenic fever dream, and part search for the Rainbow Connection…with more than a smidge of what you heard that strange guy that’s always at the subway station muttering yesterday…it’s all connected, my friends.


And, oh yeah, that's me. Keeping it OG.
And, oh yeah, that’s me. Keeping it OG.
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