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This 70’s baby just rewatched Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas, and just found out that it was a test-run collaboration with @paulielama2 to see if certain technical effects would work (Kermit on a bike, Emmet rowing the boat, for example) as well as musical numbers all together with an audience as a test for a Muppet movie. Within two years Paul and Jim Henson and Frank Oz created The Muppet Movie, and “The Rainbow Connection”. I remember being in the theater; when Kermit rose out from behind those trees, free-standing on a bike, there were loud audible gasps. And when he sang and played his banjo, you could hear people whispering and crying. And both magic moments happened because Paul and Jim Henson got together, and taught Emmet and his friends to play their instruments, and Paul wrote all of their and Momma Alice Otter’s songs.
And it is high time I said thank you.
Thank you for one of the very best parts of my childhood, Paul. For the coziest part of Christmas. For the best movies. For Thursday nights with The Muppet Show (the only night I was allowed to stay up late). When my little brother died, I turned back to Alice and Emmet, and they taught me how to grieve with common sense and by honestly talking about my feelings and being creative. I had all the Muppet songs I had shared with my brother. And I had my prized Great Muppet Caper lunchbox to keep me company every day and cheer me up. I’m a better person because if that work you guys did. Thank you. Merry Christmas.
For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s free for Amazon Prime members, and available for about 6 bucks on DVD. Go watch it now.

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