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Thank you so much, Julieb1219! I love nothing more than my listeners coming away with the idea that they would like to hang out with me! Frankly, I want to hang out with all of you. My podcast is how I manage it. One day, I will be able to out there and meet you guys. This review made me so happy.

Interested in the paranormal episodes? There are my telling my own, many paranormal experiences—I’ve lived in several haunted houses and investigated Waverly Hills Sanatorium. The episodes are titled “Ghoulies and Ghosties and Long-Legged Beasties…” and “…Things That Go Bump in the Night.” They are 3 and 4, or you can listen to the later remastered versions (I had learned more about editing and my software, and remastered the first four episodes, but also left the originals on the feed, for I have no shame.). If you feel so inclined, please leave a review wherever you listen. Not only do reviews make me happy, they give me valuable feedback, and they help other listeners find me by heightening my podcast’s visibility. All my love!

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Note: here’s all the episodes that follow under the Paranormal series

And here are the remastered versions of episodes 3 and 4:


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