Instagram: March 13, 2020 at 07:21PM

via Instagram Thank you, @rosemcgowan. Thank you, @ronanfarrow.
I told my story in my episode “This Girl Just Had A Bad Date” URL: (and again in the context of growing up with Cosby starting with Picture Pages, in “A Different World” URL: ). Rose, this completely resonated with me. I was 19 and everything just changed and my ex-boyfriend turned into my monster so quickly and in slow motion and I lost time and how did he take off my bra? I have permanently lost hours of my memory, but thanks to you both, I have reclaimed it. Weinstein is serving almost as many years as it has been as I was sexually assaulted, serving as many years as I have with Complex PTSD, and thanks to you, what was not for me is now case law—sexual assault without penetration was not explicitly against the law in my state, and he left no marks on me when he choked me unconscious. So I couldn’t prosecute. Now, thanks to NY v. Weinstein, I could have, and that feels like a giant exhale. I feel seen and heard. Thank you both for being brave for 19-year-old me. 48-year-old me is grateful beyond measure. #ctpsd
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