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via Instagram Yay for @jetpens #happymail ❣️ 🖊
#jetpenshaul — @sakuraofamerica Gelly Roll Metallic set; more @tombowusa water-based dual point markers for water coloring, drawing and lettering (847 Crimson, 856 Chinese Red, 837 Wine Red, 912 Pale Cherry, and 569 Jet Blue, for those who love them as I do); @stabilo
Worker Colorful Rollerball Green Ink in .5mm (never try this pen before); and Uni-Ball Signo UM-152 Brown-Black ink in .38mm.

I was so inspired by both My Dark Vanessa by @kateelizabethrussell and Ada, Or Ardor, by Vladimir Nabokov, that I had to buy this black butterfly washi tape by BGM in order to more fully journal about them both in my #commonplacebook.
Not shown, my pink snowflake eyeglasses cleaner for my new glasses, by Kurochiku Taisetsu. It’s so pretty and soft. ❄️ Goodness, I love pens and stationary and writing and design and art. I highly recommend Jet Pens. They not only have a huge selection, they have a suggestion article for anything you are curious about, from how to choose the best white ink pen, to the best essential carry items, and on and on.

My haul is laid out on my @erincondren planet, which I use for medical stuff, podcast planning, and writing tracking. The cover was designed by me—the trees are birch, which relates to the main character in my novel in progress, Watching the Detectives, Beatrice Grace Burchett. Her surname refers back to the birch tree. If you’re curious, I’ve read from it in three episodes now (and more to come) on my podcast, @theremightbecupcakes. See here: The cover reminds me every day to WRITE.
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