Instagram: May 14, 2020 at 05:10PM

via Instagram Swatched my new @sakuraofamerica metallic set in my @erincondren because I am that much of a pen geek. I am excited to draw with them, and to color with them in my @alanrobert666 Beauty of Horror III book 🤡, and being some metal to the Haunted Playground and Amusement Park 🎪.
Now, I am working on my submission for a poetry chapbook competition, even though it’s a really rough pain day. My words and colors and ink and pens and stationary things sustain me. Books are my friends, even when they are created by me. Wish me luck.

#sakura #alanrobert #beautyofhorror #amwriting #amreading #penswatches #erincondren #dotgridpaper #plannercommunity #bujolove

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