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Yes. Yes! I will be finally seeing this on the big screen! As I mentioned in the episode “Let’s Go to the Movies”, I saw this on 📼 VHS at my friend Melody’s house in sixth grade and then endured an eerie long walk home in my inexplicably empty suburban neighborhood. In 1984, I was 12, so although my parents were permissive in what media I consumed, as I have discussed—I just needed to be honest about it and come to them with any questions about the content—but 12 was a little young to allow me to see it in the theater with a bunch of wild teenagers and adults. Now is my time! I may capture this experience on video for the YouTube channel or the Patreon, and I will definitely record an episode about the experience of seeing it on the big screen as an adult, being a teen of the 80’s, one of “Freddy’s Kids”. #anightmareonelmstreet #elmstreet #freddykrueger #alamodrafthouse @alamocville #horror #horrormovies #1980s #1984 #1980shorror #1980shorrormovies #1980shorrorfilm

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